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Greek Island Hopping

3300 years ago,Trojan War was over and the Greek heroes set their sail along the Aegean to go back home. From Troy to the southern Greece, it was supposed to be a short journey. However, for Odysseus it took ten years to reach Ithaca. It is still unknown why it took so long.

You should read the itinerary detaİls below or you can come and sail with us to find the answer on your own.


• Sandy beaches, non-touristy, attractive islands of
    the Aegean
• 5 Typical Greek Islands
• Bodrum, or ancient Halicarnassus, hometown of
    historian Herodotus
• Kos, birthplace of Hippocrates, father of medicine
• Leros, windmills of the past
• Volcanic Island, Nissiros
• Unesco World Heritage Site, Jerusalem of the
    Aegean; Patmos
• World Sponge Fishing Center, Kalymnos

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3300 years ago, the Trojan War ended. With the feeling of victory in their hearts, the Greek heroes, led by the confident and charismatic Odysseus set sail for home. It was meant to be a short journey, a quick ride from Troy to Ithaca in southern Greece. However, it took Odysseus and his crew 10 years to reach home, and it’s heavily contested among scholars as to why. Was it the weather? The obstacles? The gods? No one truly knows what happened, but on our tour of the Greek Islands, you’ll found out the version we like.

Embarking from Bodrum, a city of ancient roots in the south of Turkey, we’ll take you on a cruise across some of the most beautiful islands out there. We’ll sail along the magical Aegean Sea, whose waters have been sailed over by great captains and crews for centuries. Our home on this journey is the Zeus, a hand-built gulet assembled in a fashion similar to what Odysseus himself would have sailed.

On our tour, we’ll show you as many as five Greek islands. We will see all kinds of history and culture coming together over the course of our trip. You will witness the very tree the ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates collected his thoughts under. You’ll walk into the cave St. John wrote the Book of Revelation in. You’ll see a castle from the Crusades. And of course, you’ll meet locals who still inhabit these tiny, scarcely populated islands today.

As opposed to the popular, common islands, our trip takes you far off the beaten trail, or in nautical terms, a maiden voyage off the sailed shipping lanes.

Your horizons will extend as you watch the Aegean sunset in awe. We’ll expose you to the various cultures Greece has welcomed, from the Christian Crusaders and theologians to the ancient philosophical schools. You’ll feel connected to the Greek myths that influenced these parts, as well as the pious Christians that inhabited these lands for centuries.

This voyage provides plenty of opportunities for fun, tanning, learning, leisure, and contemplation. As this part of the world is so peaceful, we’ll understand why so many great minds and thinkers came out of here. From Christian to ancient Greek, we will feel the relaxation and peace that allows for such meditation. We’ll let the wind move us through the sea, and have plenty of laughs and smiles along the way.

We’ve got a great, knowledgeable crew that will instruct you in the basics of sailing, seamanship, and life among the vast sea. In addition to strong sea legs, we’ve got a few history buffs as well that’ll tell you all of the stories that have happened on these waters.

We’ll swim in the refreshing sea, eat some delicious food, and have an experience of a lifetime. Though a bed is provided, we often choose instead to sleep on the roof under the stars, awaking to the sound of goat bells clanking about as island nomads lead their flocks in the morning.

You’ll feel the wonder and awe, and may start to think what we think about Odysseus: he didn’t get lost, he didn’t run into obstacles, he simply enjoyed himself too much on the waters of the Aegean to head straight home. Much like him, you’ll feel the magic the beautiful Aegean provides.

Please glance at some of our pictures and feedback from past tours!
Day 1 Bodrum to Kalymnos, World Sponge Capital

We'll start our journey from Bodrum, the ancient city of Halicarnassus, and visit St. John's Crusader Castle, which houses one of the best underwater archeology museums in the world. Then, we clear customs, say goodbye to Turkey, and walk onto our home for the next few days… the Zeus. We then set sail for Kalymnos, an island of Greece.

After a three-hour cruise, we'll anchor in Kalymnos harbor, the only place along this sea where you can meet a sponge diver. This 3,000-year-old profession brought wealth to the island throughout its history, yet today it’s almost a lost tradition.

In the afternoon, you can walk up to the Crusader Castle and enjoy the Kalymian sunset.

Lunch on board, Dinner in a typical Greek tavern on your own.

Sailing: 4 hours
Walking: Moderate

DAY 2 Mysterious St. Nicolas Island

Early bird special: 6 am breakfast, followed by a meeting with the fishermen of Kalymnos.

We'll then sail to St. Nicolas Island. Don't search it on the web, because this island…doesn't officially exist! Nico, an old Greek fellow and friend, lives on this tranquil bay, and he sometimes invites us for dinner. This guy has even appeared in movies while a resident of the island. We can learn how to be a true islander from him. We'll also learn about nautical knots and navigation, essentials for a sailor.

Lunch on board, Dinner with Nicolas.

Sailing: 2 hours
Walking: Light

DAY 3 Are we in Greece or Italy?

Although we’re technically in Greece, this next island, Leros, is full of Italian architecture. We'll learn more about the history of the Greek Islands from a local expert, including information about the Community of Psychopaths, which was established on Leros in 1957.

Later, we will hike to a 12th-century Crusader Castle, overlooking the Archipelago.

Lunch on board, Dinner in a typical Greek tavern on your own.

Sailing: 4 hours
Walking: Strenuous

DAY 4 Patmos, the Jerusalem of the Western World

Patmos is one of the most beautiful and distinctive gems of the Dodecanese Islands, best known as "The Jerusalem of the Aegean."

We will see the Cave of the Apocalypse. Legend has it that St. John received his visions from God here, which he later recorded in the Book of Revelation. We’ll then check out the Monastery of St. John the Divine, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which houses beautiful frescoes and religious relics.

At night, we'll recreate history. Under the stars and the heavens, we’ll read excerpts from Revelation on a wooden boat like St. John did 2,000 years ago! Hallelujah!

Lunch on board, Dinner in a typical Greek tavern on your own.

Sailing: 3 hours
Walking: Light to strenuous

DAY 5 Voulez Vous Arki! This island, with its 54 inhabitants, doesn't have a post office, police force, or even a grocery store. Why not take a look?

During the day, we'll learn about the different types of fishing in the Mediterranean and sample local delicacies, from sea urchin salad to octopus mezes.

Lunch on board, Dinner in a typical Greek tavern on your own.

Sailing: 3 hours
Walking: Light

DAY 6 The Hippocratic Oath on Kos

Let’s contemplate life under the same tree that Hippocrates pondered under; we have the time! After, we'll visit the agora, the ancient market place of Kos, one of the biggest markets in the Greek world.

Our guide will teach us about Greek philosophy and its influence on Western history. We’ll even learn about our friend Hippocrates. We’ll walk the same ground as some of the greatest minds of Greece’s past, and even philosophize a bit.

Lunch and Dinner on your own

Sailing: 3 hours
Walking: Moderate

Day 7 A Geology Field Trip on Nissiros

Anchor in Pali, Nissiros.

This volcanic island has lots to offer for temporary locals like us.

After we explore the volcano's caldera and natural sauna, we can relax over a bottle of homemade wine and taste the thyme honey in Nikea, a tiny village on the slopes of the volcano. You can rent a scooter and wander around if you’d like.

Lunch on board

Dinner in a typical Greek tavern on your own

Sailing: 3 hours
Walking: Strenuous

DAY 8 GULE GULE TO BODRUM Tour is over after breakfast. See you in another historical expedition, on some other coordinates.

Why not?! Let's DO IT!

Of course, we are flexible and can tweak the tour and experience as you wish.

Additional dates and itineraries available upon request.

For questions, please contact [email protected]
Activity Level

-5 Islands
-Crusader Castles
-Italian Architecture visits
-Cave of the Apocalypse
-Monastery of St. John the Divine
-Basic Sailing Lessons
-Ancient Markets
-Volcano Visit
-Local Food Sampling
-Hiking and walking

Packing List

-bathing suit
-comfortable walking or hiking shoes

You will be staying on a gorgeous, handcrafted ship with hundreds of nautical miles on it. It is spacious and comfortable, and especially conducive for a good power nap after a long day of adventure.

An experienced and hospitable crew, under the guidance and leadership of a strong captain, pilot the ship. The crew speaks some English, and you will of course have an English-speaking guide. You will learn some basic sailing skills as well. Do bring a bathing suit!

On board the boat, your cabin is completely furnished with your own bed, restroom, and shower. While the bed is there, you are more than encouraged to sleep on the roof under the stars 

Throughout the boat there are plenty of places for sitting and relaxing.

All breakfasts, five lunches, and five dinners are provided. We provide bottled water on the ship as well. Besides water, you must buy your own alternative drinks. If there are any dietary restrictions, concerns, or preferences, do inform us.

Entrance fees at sites and museums as listed in the itinerary are covered.

For questions, please contact [email protected]

What we see:

We cover a great deal of ground over our trip. We see monasteries, castles, nature, and even some local towns. We’ll even meet a few locals, ask some questions about life on the islands, and sample some good and local food native to the islanders.

The Aegean:

The Aegean is a fresh water extension of the Mediterranean Sea located right between Greece and Turkey. We will see a few of its islands belonging to Greece. When at anchor, we’ll have many opportunities to swim and even snorkel if you are interested.

The Ship and Crew:

Our ship is quite comfortable and designed for having many people on board. Our crew is a lovable cast of characters you’ll definitely enjoy getting to know.

What about bad weather?:

Being experienced sailors, we know exactly what to do in the event we get some unfortunate weather. Not to worry, we’ll find plenty of enjoyment wherever we end up for the day, and have strategies to stay safe (and of course entertained!) if rain were to come up.

Questions? Please refer them to [email protected]

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