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Highlights in a nutshell

UNESCO World Heritage Site Göreme Open Air Museum
Optional Hot Air Balloon Ride
Valley Hike
Fairy Chimneys and Mustafapaşa Village, ancient Sinasos Village
Kaymaklı Underground City
Pottery Capital Avanos
Walking through the village and meeting with the locals
Wine Tasting in Ürgüp town
Entertainments at nights

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Cappadocia, meaning "Land of Beautiful Horses," is an enchanting land in the center of Turkey. Out here in Turkey's countryside, you will have moments of great peace and tranquility with gorgeous, dreamlike nature all around to keep you company.

Out here, you will see nature like you never have before. Cappadocia is home to a myriad of incredible natural rock formations eroded into beautiful, jaw-dropping shapes and structures that will amaze your eyes. From the fairy chimneys to the snowcapped Mt. Erciyes on display, we will have plenty of opportunities to see these up close and personal, throwing more than a few Kodak moments in our itinerary of course.

People have called this land home for hundreds of years, finding natural shelter as early as 1600 BC; people inhabited the caves of Cappadocia until as recent as the 1960s. The Ancient Hittites settled here first, developing cities out of the natural rock formations and in the underground. The Romans made it a province in the first century, and the Byzantines inherited it after Rome's demise. Christianity spread throughout Cappadocia, as it is a peaceful place to pray and devote oneself to meditation and contemplation. Byzantine Christians converted little caves into mini cathedrals and churches, carving altars and painting frescoes of Jesus Christ, saints, interpretations of God, and Biblical events all over the walls and ceilings. The images are still here today, perfectly preserved. These churches contain rare images and depictions of Christianity that you will be lucky enough to see.

In the 1000s, invading Turks took Cappadocia and other parts of Turkey. In the 1300s, the tribe that became the Ottoman Empire took the land, and it stayed under their control until the Empire's deposition. Since then, it has been a mainstay in the modern Republic of Turkey.

Cappadocia is a prime hiking location in Turkey. The area is a geologist's paradise and a backpacker's dream. We provide the opportunity to go on a hike unlike any other, giving you more than just glimpses of its natural beauty. Nestled comfortably in the gorges and cliffs, you will get a sense of the world at its most organic, feeling enraptured and believing you have laid eyes on Heaven.

You'll also love the food and drink out here. At one point, you will walk into a local home and enjoy a fresh home cooked meal, tasting homemade, original Cappadocian recipes. Moreover, as this is wine country, you'll also sample some of the best wines out there.

On our tour, we give you the chance to see wonders of both nature and human civilization. We see the open-air museums, unbelievable rock formations, mountains and fairy chimneys, as well as local villages, Christian frescoes, an ancient Hittite city, amazing food, and even a Whirling Dervish ceremony, among other things!

Cappadocia is a unique, magical place, and on our tour of it, we show you the magic that sits out in the open, as well as provide opportunities very much off the beaten trails.

Feel free to glance at pictures of our experiences in Cappadocia!
1st Day

Saturday morning flight from Istanbul to Cappadocia airport in Nevşehir, Central Turkey.

Transfer to Goreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can enjoy the fantastic rock churches carved into caves and the beautiful frescoes that have decorated their walls for centuries. You will recognize famous biblical stories on the walls and ceilings, many from Jesus Christ's life. These views are rare and special artistic feats.

After lunch, we'll have our photo ops along the Cappadocian Caldera, witnessing the results of erosion on the whole area. The views of hundreds of miles of land will take your breath away.

At night, we are invited to a folkloric dance in a rock cut club!

Overnight in our hotel

2nd Day

In the morning, you have the option of taking a hot air balloon ride. People flock to this region specifically for this experience. You'll watch the sun rise over the Cappadocian hills and valleys, feeling like you are gazing over the creation of the world.

Once out and about, we'll have a panoramic valley hike. Hiking shoes or boots are recommended.

Afterwards, we'll drive to Avanos Town, which has been a hot spot for pottery since the ancient Hittites. Pottery is an ancient craft the Cappadocians have mastered for centuries. We will watch a pottery making demonstration over a glass of tea, as well as have opportunities to buy, perhaps at a discounted price.

At night, there will be an optional Whirling Dervish Ceremony in a 13th-Century-Ceravansarai. This is a special, mystical Islamic ceremony.

Overnight in our hotel

3rd Day

In the morning, we'll check out of our hotel and walk through the beautiful Mustafapasa village. For lunch, we are invited to a village home to taste the organic, indigenous food of Cappadocia.

After lunch we'll roam through the ancient city of Kaymaklı, an underground metropolis the ancient Hittites called home. We'll feel like the ancients and imagine how on Earth they survived for so long underground by exploring the elaborate systems and infrastructure they planned down here.

Upon completion, we'll fly back to Istanbul.

Activity Level

-Goreme Open Air Museum
-Churches carved into rocks and caves
-Cappadocian Valley Hike
-Fairy Chimneys
-Whirling Dervish Ceremony
-Lunch in local home
- Kaymaklı Underground City
-Pottery Presentation
-Local Wine Tasting
-Optional Hot Air Balloon Ride
Facts & FAQs


Our hike will last about two hours and takes place in a Cappadocian valley. We pass by some lovely fairy chimneys, caves, and rock formations, so do bring a camera for some great Kodak moments!.

As it may be muddy or slippery, we recommend bringing sturdy hiking shoes or boots—any shoes with a good grip of the ground. The hike is basic, but has its moments of difficulty, such as hefty slopes downhill.

On the hike, we'll move at your pace, whichever you see fit.

We provide the essentials, such as a rope and a first aid kit.

We are experienced hikers, so you're in good hands with us!

What's a Whirling Dervish?

During our stay, you'll have the chance to witness a real Whirling Dervish ceremony. This Dervish ceremony is not like any other you would see, however. As opposed to a performance or source of entertainment, Whirling Dervishes participate in this ritual everyday, even when no one is watching. They show their devotion, faith, and love for their Creator and this world by harmoniously whirling and chanting praises to calm tunes. This is a part of the Sufi Order, a mystical sect of Islam. The space is intimate, as they do a great job at creating a peaceful, relaxed environment while sharing their ritual. You must see this while in Cappadocia, as it will expose you to a unique aspect of Islamic culture going back centuries.

Weather and Climate

Cappadocia is much drier than Istanbul, as it is a desert area and far inland. Naturally, we'll have plenty of water on our stay to compensate. Bring sun block just in case—we spend a lot of time outside!


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