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Welcome to Turkey,

Welcome to a land filled with a unique culture, rich history, and so much to offer. It is our pleasure to show you all of the charming characteristics that make this country magical.

Located in the virtual center of the world, with the Black Sea to the north, the Aegean to the West, and Mediterranean Sea to the south, Turkey serves as the meeting point between Europe and Asia. Travelers and traders have spent centuries wandering through it as a means of moving between the East and West. Its critical geographic position has made it an important location throughout time. The geography very much determined its history and civilization.

When moving through Turkey, one can see an array of geographic diversity: mountains, plains, cities, and seaports. Beach bums, hikers, or city slickers can find comfort and coziness here. It is home to all climates, be it hot, cold, wet, or dry, and experiences all four seasons.

While its political capital is Ankara, in central Turkey, the largest city in population and size is Istanbul, located on the Bosporus Strait that divides Europe from Asia.

Historically, the landmass of modern Turkey has been called “Asia Minor” and “Anatolia.” This land is an amazing center of history, hosting many diverse civilizations at different times. Early on in its history, Anatolia was home to the ancient Hittite civilization, the Ionian Greeks, and both Mesopotamian and Persian groups. Overtime, the land was conquered by Alexander the Great and eventually the Roman Empire. In the 300s, the famous Emperor Constantine created a new Roman capital on the Bosporus over the ancient city of Byzantium; he declared this capital “Constantinople,” in what is now Northwestern Turkey. It quickly became a center of Greek and Roman culture, as well as the center of global Christianity.

Once the Western Roman Empire fell in 476, the East continued as what we call the Byzantine Empire. The Empire lasted as a Christian Empire for several centuries, but during this time, Turks from Central Asia had moved into Anatolia. In 1453, the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople and made it the capital of their Islamic Empire, hence why you find so many mosques here today. The Ottomans reigned for several hundred years, but once it lost World War I, the land became a secular national republic, with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk its first president. Since 1923, it has existed as the modern Republic of Turkey. “Constantinople” became the modern city “Istanbul.”

The country of Turkey stretches over two continents, with 95% percent of its land in Asia and the remaining 5% in Europe. Some great travel sites include Istanbul, Izmir, Ephesus, Ankara, Cappadocia, Gallipoli, Çanakkale, Troy, and countless others.

Turkey has been home to some of the greatest civilizations on Earth. It’s a “cultural kaleidoscope,” as some say, because of the rich diversity here. At different times, it was the center of the two most practiced religions on Earth, Christianity and Islam. Turkey also contains various other fragments of history; the Trojan War took place here, Noah’s Ark supposedly landed in Eastern Turkey, and the Virgin Mary even lived here after Jesus Christ’s death.

The language spoken is Turkish, but one can hear and see all kinds of languages. It’s amazing how many different people from all over the world live here.

Turkey is such a unique place. What other part of the world can say it was the center of the two most practiced religions at separate times? It is such a significant and beautiful land, and how it came to be and continues to thrive is fascinating. One can still feel the ancient Greek elegance, the Roman and Byzantine beauty, and the Ottoman traditions. The history shaped it into what it is today, and Turks take immense pride in living in such a culturally abundant and diverse land. Turkey has preserved its heritage and culture well, and upon visiting the nation, anyone could feel the aura left behind from the great figures and civilizations of the past.

Turkey has such a strong sense of identity. From the museums and the beautifully preserved ruins to the food, art, and daily life of its citizens, everyone here knows that where they stand is special. There is no other culture or country like this, and on a visit to Turkey, we promise you will feel the magic and enchantment this land provides, whether you are an artist, a food connoisseur, a sports fan, or a buff. Here in Turkey, there is something for everybody, and we invite you to have a glass of çay and experience the pleasures found on Turkish soil.

From Istanbul to Cappadocia, Ephesus to Gallipoli, we here at Avanti Tourism would like to take you on an adventure across a proud land of great history, culture, and beauty. You will never forget the people’s kindness or the sites your eyes will behold.

Thank you, and Hoş geldiniz.

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